Scallywags Nursery

All photographs of children are used with the kind permission of their parents.    Copyright Scallywags Nursery, all rights reserved 2014.


Scallywags Parent Partnership Nursery

A charitable incorporated organisation registered with the UK's Charity Commission, no. 1161965                    

Cost and funding

Five days a week £300 per month plus 1 shift a week.

Four days a week £240 per month plus 3 shifts over the month.

Three days a week £180 per month plus 2 shifts a month (1 extra shift every half term).


Part time consists of 10 days a month (2 days one week, 3 days the following etc) with 1 shift every second week.


From the term after your child's third birthday, they are entitled to 15 hours of government funding from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. This will reduce the overall cost per month, as the first fifteen hours will be free.


Three and four year olds will working parents can use their 30 hours eligability with us.


Chidlren as young as two can be funded from Tower Hamlets if they meet the criteria.


Please speak to Debbie about criteria and funding.